10 digital marketing strategies for hotels that connect with the customer and you don’t want to miss in 2020

Are Morch
11 min readAug 28, 2019

Digital marketing has reshaped the hotel industry and how they get customers.

Through new advanced technology and tools customer now has taken control of their own experience. And for hotels, this impacts how they build and nurture relationships with potential and existing customers.

In the past hotels have been measured on customer service and customer satisfaction scores.

And through online travel agencies been accustomed to compering and price shopping.

Home-sharing has added a new competitive element to the mix.

How can hotels gain a new competitive advantage, drive more direct bookings, with new, innovate digital marketing strategies?

1. Create a micro-moment journey

Today customer spends a lot of time planning their next exciting journey. And they are increasingly turning to their smart devices to assist them through this process.

With new advanced mobile technology customer is making booking decisions faster than ever before.

Hotels must adapt to new customer patterns and behaviors. New innovative hotel marketing plans will need the marketer to install digital marketing strategies that listen, care and connect at every micro-moment.

To achieve this has to create responsive funnels that reflect how every micro-moment of the customer journey impacts the booking decision.

Both with inbound and outbound marketing hotels need to understand the state of the customer;

  • Cognitive (perception, judgment, reasoning dictated by emotions)
  • Affective (influenced by emotions and rationale)
  • Behavior (actions as results of rationale)

With inbound marketing, we use content in the context with creating;

And with outbound marketing, we use content in context with creating:

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