10 Hot Immediate Tips for Hotels to Tap into the Fastest Growing Trend Digital Nomads

Are Morch
8 min readOct 25, 2020

The coronavirus is pushing digital nomads as the fastest growing trend today. Digital nomads are remote workers who typically work while traveling to different locations.

They are looking to work in any location that provides wireless internet capabilities and mobile hotspots.

Traditionally many brands have resisted remote work. But with the coronavirus, we have seen a major shift where brands are adapting to this trend.

Today we see an evolution in a new workforce that is looking for flexible accommodation solutions.

Is your hotel ready to tap into the fastest-growing market segment today? Then keep on reading and learn 10 hot immediate tips for hotels to tap into the fastest growing trend digital nomads.

1. Mental health awareness — superior health protocol

In today’s unprecedented travel market where uncertainty and fear drive people’s state, hotels must have a unique way to respond to this.



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