10 Snackable Social Marketing Moments That Create The Perfect Hotel Experience

In the battle of the consumers, attention Hotels is facing a new challenge — creating snackable Social Marketing Moments that sparks consumers emotion to start a new adventure.

And in a perfect world, this journey would be a straight shot down the road where your Hotels is one of the relevant alternatives that is considered when the itinerary is created.

Today it has become an art to identify the snackable moments that together will be part of the new consumer experience.

Social Marketing snackable content is most valuable when geared towards the mobile consumer. This is the consumer who wants something easy to access, easy to understand, and engaging. Target these needs by creating easily digestible, delicious content that will surprise and delight. That means you should be feeding your audience content that is attention-grabbing, visual, and emotional.

1. Find the sweet spot where your Hotel Marketing and Social Marketing goals align with the consumer’s goals

The snackable content your Hotel distribute through Social Media should focus on help your Hotel brand reaching S.M.A.R.T goals.

On the other side, your Hotel should also focus on how you can help consumers reach their goals while also getting closer to yours.

From a Social Media Consultant and Social Media Management perspective, this is critical to building awareness that supports a new journey and a new experience.

2. Identify all snackable moments where your Hotel can connect with the consumer

When and where does your Hotel typically communicate and engage with consumers on Social Media?

Also, identify the importance of these snackable moments and what role they play during the various stages of the adventure. In this part of the process, we look at pre-booking, during booking and post-booking.

Track all key performance indicators during this process. This will help your Hotel with optimizing key decision points.

3. Identify snackable moments of concerns and delight

One thing that is critical to Social Media Marketing is to make sure offers a clear call to actions.

Concerns is typically a result of confusion for all parts involved.

When the consumer is ready to book make the process as easy and smooth as possible. This is not the time to throw in some additional confusion.

It is critical that your snackable moments are aligned with customer expectations. The opportunity for the Hotel will lay in exceeding these expectations.

4. Experience every snackable moment yourself

Hotels have to find new unique ways to put themselves in the consumer’s mindset.

Together with your Hotel team take time to experience the consumer adventure. It will require assigning someone that goes through every stage of the consumer adventure.

And then report back on each of the snackable moments that was enquired during this journey.

Smart Hotels will also assign one of their team members to experience this adventure with one of their competitors.

5. Embrace the visual experience

With a very limited and short time of consumer, attention Hotels has to be very creative today to take advantage of the window of opportunity.

Embrace and map out the consumer’s visual experience is one of the most important aspects of your Hotels Social Media Marketing strategy.

Not only do Hotels today face challenges with disruptions and short attention spans, but consumer preferences change fast as result of new evolving technology.

We know that the average traveler today brings three mobile devices with them on their adventures. And their booking decisions are primarily made through their mobile devices.

It is very important for Hotels to understand that each snackable moments play a key role in the consumers overall strategic decisions.

6. Curate user-generated snackable moments

Today we often see that it is the consumers that provide snackable nuggets of inspirations or entertainment that triggers actions from their community.

And with this new shift as result of advanced technology we know consumers today swipe and browse through their mobile devices all day long.

As part of their upcoming adventure, they curate relevant snackable content that will help them with their decision process.

In the end, the consumer will reference their curated checklist that primary is a mirror of suggestions and tips from their community.

All snackable moments today is defined by the community. Hotels have to identify these valuable moments and curate them in the same manner as the consumers.

7. Reinforce your Hotel brand voice

The most effective way today to capture consumers attention today is through a unique visual snackable moment.

Make the moment simple, sweet and to the point.

Instagram is one Social Media channel that is really beneficial for Hotel to reinforce their brand voice.

8. Teasing on a unique Hotel campaign

Opening a Hotel? Renovating a Hotel?

Have a special event going on at the Hotel?

A seasonal special?

Make every snackable moment become a remarkable celebration of the Hotel and the consumers.

9. Using the snackable moments in storytelling

The MACq 01 is built on bringing out unique local tales. And every snackable moment’s consumer experience will each tell a unique story that becomes part of a truly unique adventure.

MACq 01 collaborate with their team to help them share stories that become part of bigger picture. This is executing snackable moments at it’s very best.

10. Optimize and amplify

Each snackable moment is part of a Social Media Framework for your Hotel. It is critical that you measure and optimize each moment.

Each snackable moment should be part of the strategy that ties Hotel Market with Social Media Marketing.

  • Reinforce your Hotels brand voice
  • Drive consumer traffic to a targeted landing page for booking
  • Promote campaigns
  • Surprise and delight consumers
  • To create deeper connections with your community

The data and the process are now in place to measure and optimize every snackable moment.

It is now trending towards more pay to play with Social Media in general. This makes it more critical that Hotels implement relevant strategies that take advantage of the snackable moments.

Big players like Google and Facebook make it possible to design new advertising sets that capture consumers short attention span. These types of ads allow Hotels to focus on their creativity and data has shown that snackable ads capture the consumer’s attention.

Hotels still have to track impact.

If your Hotel need help to put it all together then make sure to the let us know.

Today’s Social Media Management tools provide advanced options that will help Hotels with these tasks. If you need a quality team the help your Hotel pulls this off, then get in touch with my partners at Founders Media.

With the right team behind your Social Media efforts, it can become cost-effective and generate a new revenue stream for your Hotel.

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Originally published at aremorch.com on April 18, 2018.



Digital Marketing Coach | ❤️All things Hotels 🏩 and Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing for Hotels http://bit.ly/HotelCoach

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Are Morch

Digital Marketing Coach | ❤️All things Hotels 🏩 and Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing for Hotels http://bit.ly/HotelCoach