Crafting Digital Customer Experiences for Hotels

Are Morch
5 min readDec 12, 2019

Digital customer experiences are not limited to booking hotel rooms but they are about the entire journey from discovering a place, to considering various hotels and learning about local experiences through recommendations, reviews, comments, and general public opinions.

Sarah, a mother of two, in her early 30s, is a fashion consultant and a first-generation Egyptian immigrant living in North America with her husband and kids. She decides to go on a trip with them this Christmas since they almost met everyone from their tight-knit family and community on Thanksgiving. Living in Sacramento, they’ve been keen on such a trip for so many years now but felt the kids were not ready for it, which now they feel are.

In the article that follows, I’m going to describe the various stages of the hotel’s digital customer experience in the light of Sarah’s story, which eventually becomes a part of the overall customer experience and delight.

1. Exploration

Sarah and her husband begin exploring different options for their trip destination, all online! Having their origins from the Middle East, they could relate much to the Gulf culture they were brought up with, so they felt connected to the Arabian city of Dubai in the Emirates.

They were discussing their trip for a couple of months every weekend, i.e., when the family gets the entire day by themselves. However, after Thanksgiving, they start doing it every evening post-dinner.

One day, during their search, they come across peculiar structures of some of the world’s tallest towers namely, Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab. Sounding very similar, Sarah plans to dig deeper into the websites of these hotels.

That night, while working on a client’s mood board, she saves her favorite brand Armani’s latest post on Instagram and moves ahead with checking out some other sources of inspiration. She notices that an ad has popped up from Burj Al Arab while checking out her stories. It tempts her to begin thinking about the trip again, and get back to her hotel search.

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