Digital Transformation Playbook for Hotels

Are Morch
12 min readSep 19, 2021

The digital transformation playbook represents a new way for hotels to help employees take ownership and accountability of the task ahead during challenging times.


Inside this digital transformation playbook for hotels is everything you need to master the employee and customer journey in context with the digital transformation plan.

The digital transformation playbook represents a new unique way for hotels to embrace content and social media management.

Over the last couple of years, many hotels have been talking about the personalization of the customer experience. Though data tells us that several brands including hotels have trouble delivering it.

With the digital transformation playbook, we shift focus towards creating tribes that will help hotels amplify collective digital experiences.

A successful digital transformation formula is very simple;

Digital Transformation = Digital Tribe + Collective Digital Experience


Creating a new digital transformation culture often is very low on the list, or not on the list at all.

One of the major effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that the digital transformation process has accelerated up to the top of almost every brand’s list.

Digital transformation today represents a dramatic change in conditions and character.

And it will require investments in new digital tools that support day-to-day operations.

Disruptions require alternative solutions

Fast forward-looking to the reality today COVID-19 has disrupted all the traditional hotel processes.

Hotels are today forced to look at alternative solutions if they want to survive.

Hotels need to understand that digital transformation is not just about disruption or…

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