How to Increase Your Bottom Line by Greening Your Hotel — Are Morch, Digital Marketing Coach

Are Morch
4 min readDec 31, 2020

As global warming and climate change continue to make headlines, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the effect their choices have on the planet. From recycling plastic products to eating less meat, people everywhere are adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Now, many are even beginning to consider green accommodations while traveling.

Luckily, there are multiple ways to cater to your more earth-conscious guests and even increase your bottom line in the process.

Water-Saving Initiatives

Guests require a clean supply of water during their stay. However, many tend to use too much. Conventional showerheads flow at about 5 gallons per minute, which can add up quickly. Therefore, it may be beneficial to install low-flow showerheads, which typically flow at 2.5 gallons or less per minute.

You might also recycle greywater by redirecting it to the garden or staff bathroom for reuse. Encourage guests to reuse their linens as well to reduce water consumption for laundry.

Energy-Efficient Technologies

Tracking utility bills may also clue you into how much electricity your guests are using. If you aren’t utilizing renewable energy to power your hotel, consider doing so to cut costs and minimize carbon pollution.

Otherwise, you can install energy-efficient technologies like LED lightbulbs and ENERGY STAR appliances. Installing a new HVAC system may also be a worthwhile investment. While a more efficient strategy may be pricey, the overall savings will eventually result in a positive ROI.

Eco-Friendly Decor

Many business owners think sustainable products are unaffordable. However, not all green design is pricey. When you choose furniture for your hotel, consider decorating each room with eco-friendly pieces.

Create an eclectic interior design scheme with recycled and reused furniture. Find decor that is free from varnishes and made from sustainable materials like bamboo and stone. Search your local thrift store for hidden gems and attend auctions if you have the time. When all else fails, scour hotel…

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