New Experience, New Results: Why Kimpton Hotel New Social Experiment appeals to Millennials

Do you want to learn the science that will create a new experience and fuel new results for your Hotel? Kimpton Hotel new Social Experiment reveals innovation and creativity that will surprise and delight Millennials.

The ignition of a new Hotel transformation

Traditional Customer Service is a dying art that is now is being replaced by exciting customer experience reformation initiatives.

New technologies and channels have opened some new unique opportunities for Hotels to surprise and delight Millennials.

Innovative and creative brands like Kimpton Hotels & Restaurant are making moves that appeal to Millennials, interact via apps, double as co-working and Social spaces, and score shareable selfie love along the way.

But what really made Kimpton standing out from the crowd is the ignition of Room 301. This is a limited time guestroom experience designed to be interactive, spark creativity and share what makes you human.

Pay It Forward with your Unique Story

The Kimpton Room 301 Social Experiment is a unique way for Hotel guests to make meaningful connections that add a new exciting element to the customer experience.

Every guest that visit Room 301 becomes part of an exclusive community that will share each other’s experience with their community.

Each guest will pay it forward with adding their unique micro-moment to the story.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurant are bringing in some old school hospitality elements letting guest utilize a log book to bring their micro-moment to life.

The room also features ordinal artwork that is commissioned for the room by Collette Miller of the Global Angel Wings Project.

Guest can utilize a vintage camera for selfies or adding their visual perspective of the story.

Combining the storytelling element with unique visual aspects demonstrate creativity and innovation that will add some surprising and delightful experiences for everyone that part of this exclusive Social Experiment to share.

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Why your Hotel should model Kimpton’s Social Experiment

Today’s Hotel leadership is pressured to respond to rising customer expectations and adapt to the speed of technology.

Kimpton’s Social Experiment shows that will a little innovation and creativity Hotels are capable of exciting the Millennial market segment.

This is a very effective way to capitalize on the Human-to-human perspective that the modern travelers are seeking today.

To me Hospitality is Art. It is like the painter that uses a combination of colors to create a picture. And we all will have a different perspective of how we view the finished product. The key is to bring out the commonalities that tell us that this is an experience we want to share with others.

If Hotels can ignite a community built upon shared micro-moments that create positive and happy connections between humans, we as Hotelier are making an important contribution to the world.

This should the place where we find inner peace and relax, and find new inspiration to do good.

How to book Room 301

Room 301 is available to book between September 6 — November 30, 2018.

Sign up to participate in Room 301 by sending the Kimpton Team an email with your name and requested dates of stay to

Depending on availability, you’ll receive more information about the Social Experiment.

You’ll get the following:

Enjoy this first-of-its-kind experience!

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Originally published at on September 7, 2018.



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