The Importance of Usability Testing for Your Hotel Website

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A Hotel website is a modern-day marketing tool that one cannot do without. But then again, it is not enough to just have a Hotel website. The site has to be taken through checks and balances if it will act as marketing Hotel tool. As you look at your website, is it a booster to your conversion rates? An answer may not be forthcoming until you engage in a website usability test. But again, it may cost you a dime, time and some serious analytical procedures. After you have engaged in a website usability test, the end will finally justify the means.

But the cost does not have to greatly exceed bounds even though there are great companies that charge great fees for website usability tests.

Why User Testing is Important

  • Enables you to interact with your customers or focus groups. In hotel environments, focus groups are a great source of business. Upon looking at your website, these groups will influence other groups in the area of hospitality to patronize your Hotel.
  • Through your website, you will be able to transfer vital information to your present, former and future customers.
  • A website usability test will accord to you valuable information on your website’s ease of use, the attraction of customers, safeguarding or repelling the visitor to your website.
  • From the website’s usability test, you will see the areas that need improvement.

Deciding on the Type of Website Usability Test

Professionally, it is not advisable to have your whole website tested. You will have to think of the outcomes of carrying out such a usability test. It is necessary to first identify an area of your website that has a problem and the strategies to improve it. The improvement could be a desire to increase corporate bookings in a week. The decision on the type of your website usability test is hinged on these factors:

Specified information — Website usability test on your website’s information will help you understand how visitors respond to the information they are looking for on your site. Probably, there could be a lack of use of a coupon code or poor appeal of your website.

Specified Tasks — There exists a possibility of an underperformance of the landing page of your weekend getaway. You will consult your website testers and give an analysis for further action like when a visitor books a room. Are there missteps, missing links or errors in the booking form?

Special Functions — In order to book corporate events, are the visitors able to get all the information about your hotel. If your hotel lacks in this area, an improvement will be paramount.

You can test your website on the following areas to get desired results:

Employees’ familiarity –Some employees could be familiar with your property, website, and property, and they can be of much input into your website.

Employees not familiar with your website — They may also give you vital information on how to improve your website.

Hospitality testers — Engage testers from the hospitality industry.

Guest Testers — Guests are the target audience of your hotel, and so heed to their opinions by giving them a one-on-one session in your hotel.

Random Users — Look for them to give you first hand and truthful information. They could be business people, students or professionals. You can use about fifteen testers.

Tips to Run Your User Test

  • Engage in an unsupervised website usability test with your friend and family members.
  • During the supervised website utility test, be keen and catch all the details and learn how to solve them on your own.
  • As the professional tester, carry out the website utility test so that they don’t end up pleasing you for anything.
  • In a blind or comparison website utility test, there is usually a comparison of diverse websites with your own which is a good parameter to see where you stand.
  • Single test on your site — Get involved in self-website utility tests to get a feel of how visitors navigate the site.
  • Website usability test plan involves analyzing time and again the data and information on your website so as to improve your Hotel. You will begin by fixing minor problems and improve your Hotel’s bottom line conversions.

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Originally published at on November 28, 2018.



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