Why Growth Mindset is the New Roadmap that Leverage Hotel Performance and Customer Experience

Failure is really OK!

Growth Mindset traits

  1. They do not take the industry conditions as given. Rather, they set out to reshape them in their favor.
  2. They do not seek to beat the competition. Instead, they aim to make competition irrelevant.
  3. They focus on creating and capturing new demand, not fighting over existing customers.
  4. They pursue differentiation and low cost. They aim to break, not make, the value-cost trade-off.

How to approach Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset in context

Growth Mindset, Innovative and Collaborative mindset drives the new Customer Experience

  1. Get Started. Choose the right place to start and create the right growth mind team
  2. Understand where you are. Get clear about your Hotels current process
  3. Imagine where you could be. Uncover what limits the size of the Hotel industry and discover new segments of noncustomers you can unlock
  4. Find how to get there. Systematically reconstruct Hotel market boundaries and create new alternative growth opportunities.
  5. Make your move. Select your move, conduct rapid market tests and launch your Hotels growth mindset move.

Invest in the Growth Mindset

Social Media Mastery for Hotels



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