Why Humanness Will Change How Hotels Understand Reputation Management Forever

Reputation Management Context

Reputation is frequently described and valued in terms of a Hotel brands visibility and its capacity to be seen to be doing good through various media including corporate responsibility reports, speeches, and presentations, news media reports, Social Media, new media, reviews, and ratings.

  • Social Media context — Hotel guest anticipating an immediate response within the same Social Media channel

How to Manage your Hotels Online Reputation

Start influence the conversation — today Hotel brands don’t control what’s said about them online, but you can influence it by implementing Reputation Management into your Social Media Framework.

  • Establishing a 1-to-1 communication channel
  • Ask for feedback
  • Not hiding concerns, and addressing it publicly

Use Reputation Management to amplify your reach


From a hospitality perspective, we know from research that reviews have an impact on travelers booking decisions.



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