With Google Hotel Ads New Integrations Paid Advertisement now Perform at a Significantly Stronger Conversion Rate

  • To be present whenever and wherever customers are looking for a Hotel
  • Implementation on all relevant distribution channels
  • Be there for travelers in their booking moments
  • Cost-effective and result orientated

How to stay relevant and represented in a disruptive market

Social Media has brought on some new challenges for Hotels like promoting disruptive real-time content.

Building a community around new creative relationships

Google Hotel Ads is designed to help Hotels take ownership of the booking. It is more than just appearing in the traveler’s search results when they are ready to make a booking.

With an optimized experience, Hotels will optimize cost-per-click

Case-studies done by Google has shown that cancellation rates on Google Hotel Ads are very low. This has an incredibly positive impact on yield management for the Hotel by reducing distribution costs and dependency on online travel agencies.



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